Lead Gen X provides practical, low cost of acquisition solutions that support high-performance sales floors and professionals in the financial space. We provide a wide range of integrated marketing, digital and reputation management services along with practical, low cost lead generation solutions that support high-performance sales floors. Lead Gen X is the go-to,
high tech, marketing and digital agency for the financial sector.
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Reputation Management

Reputation Management helps cut through the clutter associated with managing online reputations.

Take control of the most important aspects of your online reputation including:

Lead Generation

We seek to bridge the gap between sales and marketing, only passing an investor lead to the sales team once it has been enriched with enough information for it to be considered a qualified lead and suitable for the opportunity. We will continue to help nurture that lead through the sales process.

Digital Ads

Gain access to a team of digital advertising experts to run, manage, and optimise your campaigns. Our team of digital advertising strategists can help you get noticed by your target audience through:


Climb the Google rankings and bring new eyes to your business with our specialised SEO services. We optimise onsite and offsite for maximum benefit, using artificial intelligence to make rapid adjustments. You will get the ranking visibility you need in 2021 and beyond.


Is your website up to scratch? Our experienced team of web designers and web developers can build you an optimised, investor focused website

Develop a website that:


Lead Gen X enables you to plan, create and publish hyper targeted, industry specific, shareable content that is proven to optimise conversions, shorten the sales cycle and maximise the lifetime value of your clients.

Email Marketing

Our experts work with you to understand your unique needs and tailor mobile-friendly email marketing campaigns to suit your specific requirements. Whether you require promotional material or simply need an opportunity to update contacts on upcoming events, our team will work closely with you to ensure these needs are met.

Email facts:


billion emails sent every day


of people prefer to check their email
on their smartphone

6 -20

the number of times
people check
their email
throughout the day


59% of people say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions

Social Marketing

To be successful on social media you need to post a nonstop stream of relevant, shareable, industry specific content and engage with customers across all social channels.

Generate leads

Schedule ready-to-publish content

Engage with your followers

Our free toolkit and dashboard makes managing social media simple.

IT Support

Whether you’re in the office or working from home, our IT support keeps things running smoothly.

To ensure the continued success of your business, we also offer an annual review of systems, including a personalised system security and vulnerability audit, business continuity policy and disaster recovery policy, and warranty management.

Lead Gen X are the exclusive partner of Enterprise UK

EnterpriseUK provides sophisticated, experienced investors with introductions to direct investment opportunities in the alternative investment space, allowing those investors to research and select investments that best suit their return goals and risk appetite.

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