About Us We provide a wide range of integrated marketing, digital and reputation management services along with practical, low cost lead generation solutions that support
high-performance sales floors.
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LGX are the go-to digital marketing services provider for the financial sector. Specialising in lead generation for the investment market, our years of experience guarantee results. We are passionate about putting your business in front of your ideal investors, and offer a wide variety of digital services designed to help you maximise your reach and drive conversions. Whether you are offering alternative or mainstream investments, we understand the market and are ideally placed to ensure your opportunities reach the right demographic.

Our services are suitable for companies of all sizes and can be tailored to fit your specific needs – whether you’re an established financial services firm looking to increase your lead generation efforts, or a smaller start-up needing help to get your digital strategy off the ground.

To ensure the continued success of your business, we also offer an annual review of systems, including a personalised system security and vulnerability audit, business continuity policy and disaster recovery policy, and warranty management.

Lead Gen X are the exclusive partner of Enterprise UK

Enterprise UK is a platform that facilitates an introductory service between corporate entities seeking capital with self-managed private investors.