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Exclusive database access

We provide exclusive access to the largest database of self-managed, experienced private investors in the UK. These investors have prior experience of making alternative investments, and are capable of conducting their own due diligence into investment opportunities.

HNWI Database

You will have exclusive access to our database of HNWI for a period of up to 60 days.
Choose between accessing 5,000, 2,000, 1,000 or 500 investor leads. Each investor in our network has given their permission to be contacted regarding further investment opportunities.

Our SEO package takes the hard work out of optimisation. Manage your
SEO campaigns from one central dashboard and increase your exposure
to your ideal investor.

Our SEO package takes the hard work out of optimisation. Manage your SEO campaigns from one central dashboard and increase your exposure
to your ideal investor.

High Net Worth Investor Leads

Available in volumes of 5000, 2000, 1000 and 500, leads come direct from our database of HNWI and self certified investor leads. All leads are fully GDPR compliant. Choose from a range of sectors and enjoy exclusivity within the database for a period of up to 60 days. Need a little longer? You can extend exclusivity over 10 leads of your choosing for a further 30 days.

Key Features

Directly contact up to 5,000 investor leads
Exclusivity over the data for 60 days
Contact leads from local numbers

You have the option to ‘privitise’ up to 10 leads that you would like to extend the exclusivity over. This is valid for an additional 30 days.

How much does it cost?

Option One

*Free :                     1 -1  accounts
$5.00 per month : 2 – ∞accounts


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All countries


Listing Sync

Sync your listings across multiple platforms and keep all your data in one place. Make changes and ensure your business listings remain up to date.

Google Insights

Google Insights gives you additional insights into how clients are discovering and interacting with your listings online.

Keep it simple

Listing Builder helps to keep things simple. Manage and update your listings at the click of a button, and benefit from in-depth audience insights.


Updates to your business listing can include: company name, address, phone number, website, payment method, services, brands (if applicable), opening hours,

Some listings can update instantaneously, while others can take up to four weeks to update depending on each individual platform.

We keep information on all the sales representatives who will be speaking to investors. Each sales rep will be assigned a unique user ID to access the data, and only verified users will be allowed to speak to investors. We include 1% honey traps in all of our data files. If more than one of our honeytraps receives more than 50 calls over a period of two months, or if these numbers are called after the two month period, we will investigate, including listening to the recorded calls we have to those numbers. If any other company or individual separate to the authorised users contacts our database offering investment opportunities, then the company and all of its directors are blacklisted from our network. We will also flag this blacklisting to our investor database to warn them of any approaches by the companies caught in the honeytrap.

Using a tool called Circle Loop, you will be able to create new phone numbers (including UK mobile numbers on the fly), which gives you the opportunity to call each investor 30 times a week from 20 different phone numbers. We advise that you also call using an area code local to the investor.

We take our legal, moral and ethical obligation to only introduce legitimate and well managed companies seriously. We carry out basic non-technical due diligence on the companies we feature, and provide guidance to investors around the various due diligence checks they should independently undertake.
We understand that the meaning of risk is open to interpretation, and risk appetite will differ from investor to investor. Therefore we encourage transparency and clarity in relation to terminology, facts, consequences and methods.

Option Two

Request feedback from multiple clients across platforms, access reporting, customise invitations and manage reports all under one roof.


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All countries